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Our Mission

To supply customers with the best alternatives in power generation equipment and provide ideal solutions to satisfy their energy needs

Since its inception, JP Power Company has been focused on building alliances with vendors and customers to provide high quality energy solutions for power generation and alternative fuels.

As brokers, we participate in the sale of complete power plants, green energy projects, energy storage, and supply of natural gas.

Other areas of expertise include supply of raw materials to biodiesel industries, and design of waste cooking oil treatment processing facilities.


Our services include:

  • Engineering and procurement of power generation and gas compression equipment.

  • Logistics and delivery of equipment and components.

  • Inspection and valuation of power generation facilities.

  • Equipment removal..

  • Installation and commissioning.

For more than 17 years, JP Power Company, Inc. has provided custom designed power generation solutions for industrial and commercial applications, critical power (hospitals, government buildings, manufacturing processes), and emergency generation.

We also offer alternative energy solutions, based on solar, wind, or biomass in the range of one (1) MW to twenty (20) MW.

The company is actively involved in power generation, and gas compression equipment sales, providing our clients with procurement, maintenance, engineering services, and logistics.


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