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  • The scope of our capabilities include any aspects of the Engineering, Procurement, Logistics and Construction (EPC) associated with energy projects, including “turn key” solutions.

  • We also provide power generation equipment under short and long term rental agreements.​

  • Our inventory of power generation equipment, and spare parts, allows us to deliver equipment in short notice.​

  • We are suppliers of raw materials to the biodiesel industry, and have also provided custom design of waste vegetable oil treatment facilities to biodiesel manufacturers.

JP Power Co. has conducted business in Europe, Asia, North, Central and South America, and the Caribbean, with some of the most prestigious corporations in the world, among others:​

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  • Green Labs LLC (Canada).

  • Qualcom (USA).

  • Darling (USA).

  • Tarco (Canada).

  • FUJI Corporation (Japan).

  • Panasonic Corporation (Japan).

  • Chin Chuo (Japan).

  • CEILON Energy Board (Sri-Lanka).

  • Overseas Aviation (USA).

  • Cartonera del Caribe (Venezuela).

  • Pentacles Energy (USA).

  • Ford Motor Company (Venezuela).

  • BOC Gases, Inc. (USA).

  • White Martin (Brazil).

  • EDESUR (Dominican Republic).

  • EDENORTE (Dominican Republic).

  • Comercializadora Centroamericana (Guatemala).

  • Green Energy, LLC (USA).

  • Pinellas County Utilities (USA).

  • Sequential Pacific Biodiesel, Inc. (USA).

  • Eagle Biodiesel, Inc. (USA).

  • Griffin Industries (USA).

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